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 Song e Yoon is a New York based artist. She work embodies tension between the human and the natural, influence of gravity in our lives, and natural energy. She says “Art is a communication tool. Communication is the essence of art.” Her exhibition, “The Mobius Strip” in Puri Art Gallery, Jakarta, 2010, explored the history of communication from visual art to language to digital communications through painting and installation. She used brilliant fluorescent colors on the painting based on five traditional Korean colors symbolizing the direction of the horse. Through these unique colors, she represented the energy of the universe.



She developed into a very intensive artist with various experiences like as this process. She has expressed her creativity through many solo and group exhibitions, such as big city Seoul, Busan, Daejun in Korea and NewYork, Miami in U.S.A. Jakarta in Indonesia. Moreover, she has participated in international art fair at Ritz-Carlton Hotel SAFA /Seoul, and AFAH Mandarin Oriental Hotel / Hong Kong. In 2011, the National Museum of Modern art association (ARKO museum, Gwangju Museum and Busan Museum of modern art) introduced her as a representative young artist of Korea. And she has various exhibitions in the U.S.A from 2013 to present include solo show in NewYork minded gallery, 2014. Also, she was invited to as a member of the judging panel for the title of ‘The first Youth Artist Award for the love of Busan’ with professional artist and professor in 2017, and was appointed as a professional adviser with 22 other professional masters included professors, artists and researchers by UEC(Union of green curator) in April 28, 2017.





She was awarded as highly competitive by Art Interview International Online Artist Competition for the 28th, 26th, and 25th. The Art Interview International Online Artist Competition is a reputable media organization created by an American artist Brendan Davis [Editor in chief of this organization] in Germany. The organization has awarded highly talented artists worldwide in each quarter of the year since 2006. The winner either receive the prize money or are given opportunities to hold exhibitions through Biennial, and their interviews are sometimes published in the Magazine. Artists consider it is such an honor to be awarded by Art interview Online Magazine. In addition, to the art interview, he is running a gallery called ‘911’ in Berlin, and offering opportunities for its own award winners to hold exhibitions. The process winner is chosen is well-known as highly – selective and unbiased, with around 5experts engaged in the fair screening. As an artist who has worked in the New York art scene for over 40 years as its citizen, many artists highly regard the prestige of the award. Also, she was awarded as 2010 Korean Innovator for Korea’s Future Guidance from The Sports Chosun News, which is the affiliated newspaper company of the Chosunil-Bo, one of the most prestigious and renowned newspapers in Korea. It has played as one of the most important newspaper in Korea since March 5th, 1920. Korean Innovator for Korea’s Future Guidance is the prize for widely introduced companies and people who have ahead technologies, qualities, services and art competitiveness in every year. The prize recognized song e -Yoon is the best Korean artist when it comes to the field of contemporary art. The Sports Chosun News announced of this news reported articles on their Newspaper and website.




She graduated from Busan National University with a B.F.A. (Bachelor of Fine Arts) degree in fine art in 2008. Also, she was obtaining M.F.A (Master degree in Fine Art) in February 2018, including thesis as the title of “The study of Intangible dimension through the media” that is created a concept by herself. The academic world looks forward to having her new thesis that will be effective in the art field.



 We invite you to experience the feast contemporary artist, Yoon Song -E's art world.


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